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The Final Part is Here

  Hola! As you know, the MATE HOUSE team and I are passionate about exploring ways in which brands are innovating to reach and teach and are consistently aware of the omnipresence of buzzwords. So let’s dive into a new conversation.   THE THREE Cs SERIES: CO- CREATION + CULTIVATION + CURATION In the

Keep on cultivating!

Hola! No, it's not Sunday! It's Monday! You might be wondering why I didn't show up in your inbox yesterday, right? Or well, if we are honest with each other, you were probably not even thinking about me (no offense taken) because you were enjoying your 4th of

Climbing the stairway to co-creation

                                    Hola! In a previous newsletter, I asked, “isn't life better when shared?” and launched into a discussion on partnerships, including examples of ways brands were collaborating with their competition. This time, my

The Direct To Avatar Economy in the METAVERSE

Hey there, Long time no see! I’ve been very busy at MATE HOUSE, and as a result, the last newsletter I wrote wasn’t at the level I wanted to be shared (See? I'm nice! I don't spam you!). But now I have something trippy to share with you: THE DIRECT

Should You Partner Up?

I was speaking with my team about certain people’s obsession with their competition. I won’t lie. I used to be one of those people, but I concluded that it would make me infinitely happier to be client-driven, and it has paid off. The discussion then turned to

The 2021 Brand Purpose Revival

Hello again! The time has come for us to have THE conversation. I’m talking about PURPOSE. Being purpose-led and helping my clients and my team find their WHY is front and center of my core values. Hence, this article is essential to me, and I hope it will be


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