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We live in a highly-networked world, with new and dangerous fragilities that we don’t fully understand. The lockdown provided consumers with a lot of time and reasons to reflect and consider what is important to them, and it’s time to become more relevant than fashionable to meet our new post-COVID-19 consumer. It’s time to find the WHY behind what you do. And as John Galliano said to Anna Wintour during a conversation they had via ZOOM last week: “I’m a dressmaker. I’m driven by the craft and the dedication of my team and the freedom to create. It’s really important for me. I think you can be anything in this world, and if you can be anything, can we just try being kinder to each other and kinder to our planet?”. Let’s all begin to be kinder to one another and to our planet. Let’s dream of a new era in which fashion goes back to being a place to dream and aspire. An industry that creates beautiful garments and accessories, and not a pile of stuff to be worn and discarded. But also, let's build a more human industry that cares about people more than profits. At least I can dream.

I Have Hope

How’s everyone doing in what feels like week 215 of self-isolation? Hopefully I'll be able to write without the terms ‘COVID-19’, Coronavirus and pandemic in it will become a reality soon…in the meantime, I need to keep reflecting on the ‘rona world. As I write, many nations


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