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The 2021 Brand Purpose Revival

Hello again! The time has come for us to have THE conversation. I’m talking about PURPOSE. Being purpose-led and helping my clients and my team find their WHY is front and center of my core values. Hence, this article is essential to me, and I hope it will be

Nuevas tendencias: ¿Qué están haciendo las marcas y qué buscan los consumidores?

  LINK <iframe src="https://anchor.fm/fashionunitedlatam/embed/episodes/Podcast-FU---Nuevas-tendencias-Cmo-identificarlas--Qu-estn-haciendo-las-marcas-y-qu-buscan-los-consumidores-eudhji/a-a5611rm" height="102px" width="400px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> https://anchor.fm/fashionunitedlatam/episodes/Podcast-FU---Nuevas-tendencias-Cmo-identificarlas--Qu-estn-haciendo-las-marcas-y-qu-buscan-los-consumidores-eudhji/a-a5611rm

the future of influence

The Future of Influence

And I´m back! As promised in this edition of my ongoing discussion of Authenticity, Influence, and Purpose, I will tackle the current state and the near-term future of Influence. This newsletter is longer than my usual ponderings because it contains bonus insights and tips. The necessary shift to more focused content


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