Camila Stranschnoy

Consultant - Strategic Foresight & Brand Growth
Founder: Inquire Studio & The Mate House


I am a dynamic brand consultant, educator, and public speaker driven by a passion for nurturing resilient organizational futures. My journey began in the fashion industry, where I forged notable collaborations with esteemed publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, InStyle, and L'OFFICIEL. During this time, I discovered my love for trends and further honed my expertise at TrendWatching, a leading global consumer trends agency.

I am passionate about guiding industry giants like Bottega Veneta, L'Oréal, and C&A towards strategic excellence while nurturing growth at sustainable startups. As a faculty member at Istituto Marangoni, I have played a pivotal role in shaping higher education programs, with a particular focus on brand strategy education. Additionally, I actively contributed to the institution's Capstone Committee, ensuring relevance and innovation in their curriculum.

As my consulting journey evolved, I ventured into entrepreneurship and founded Mate House, a trend-driven agency empowering global brands to thrive in an ever-changing world. Building on this success, I launched INQUIRE Studio in 2022, driven by my passion for future thinking and anticipation. This venture addresses businesses' most pressing needs, equipping teams with insights, tools, and strategic thinking to tackle tomorrow's challenges head-on.

I have ignited transformation throughout my career through engaging workshops and collaborations with esteemed institutions and organizations worldwide. By challenging established mental models and exploring alternative strategies, I empower organizations with the insights and tools needed to flourish in a rapidly changing landscape.

I am eager to connect and explore collaboration opportunities, whether through thought-provoking speaking engagements, insightful workshops, or strategic consultations. Let's co-create a future that adds meaningful value to our world.