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TREND REPORT: Detox 2017


noun: detox; plural noun: detoxes
  1. 1.
    a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

Think about the word DETOX. How many times a week or even a day you here it?  “I’m detoxing”. “The Detox Diet”. “Detox Your Home”,  “Detox Your Mind”. “Detox Meditation”, “Detox Your Skin”….and I can go on forever. The word itself is associated  with the idea of removing a harmful or intoxicating substance mainly from our body.
We could think of this further and associate it with DETOX activities such as: stay-cations, spa days, short weekend escapes, eating “clean”, juicing,  and also, related with the  POST-COTURE trend, consuming less, but of a better quality, taking into consideration the harm we cause supporting polluting industries (did you know that the second industry after oil that pollutes most our planet is actually the fashion industry?), and escaping the mainstream world to find center is highly encouraged.

Trend Tank is a A Future Consulting & Brand Curation agency. Aiming to enrich brands with substance, the ladies behind base their services on deep trend research and came up with some very interesting insights form the DETOX trend that made me think and research further after reading their report.

In the modern world, it’s hard to feel healthy no matter how hard you try. The concept of detox, which is controversial but basically serves as reassurance to the that damage done by things we eat, drink and breathe can be at least partially reversed.

There are a few insights I discovered about the trend while researching. One of the first keys to this trend, is finding balance in the modern day to day life. Life is complicated and super busy but we should all take a step back to contemplate our surroundings and slow down. Escaping from the daily routine during the weekends, trying out a sport and getting away from the city is no secret to maintaining a fresh and active lifestyle.

A second point that reflects the spirit of this trend, that in fact has been around for year now, and it’s the idea of spending your money on experiences not on things. But, when you do buy things (we all need to go shopping once in while!), choose ethnic, sustainable and environmentally friendly and natural products.

Slow Fashion fits the Detox trend perfectly. The consumption of fashion has led us to many pleasures but also to problems. Consumers run after the latest trends and end up buying more than what they (we!) need. The key is to buy better and fewer things to invest in parts, slow fashion should be our focus on the fashion industry.


The tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Spa days, weekends away and  road tripping are all part of the escapism aspect of the Detox trend. Getaways to detoxify ourselves from the city fumes!


The SLOW production model is trying to gain terrain in the fashion industry, and this is a perfect example of this trend. Fashion movements such as #getdressed and #project333, as well as thrifted transformations, have taken over the popular buzz.


We are starting to gradually be more aware of the chain of damage we have created as a result of our way of production. Now we are starting to recognize our own toxic waste, and we are aiming to take conscious effort to ensure that our own environment, where we inhabit, is constructed in  an ethical and sustainable way. The more natural, the better.


Millennials are going after a minimalist lifestyle, shopping less and consuming better. They have a different idea on what we want to spend their money on. Studies reveal that 78% of this group would rather pay for an experience than material goods. And when they shop, they most certainly will favor products marketed as ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

So think of your product, your company, your way of living….How can you apply  DETOX to your own product/service and satisfy the needs and wants involved in the trend? Don’t forget that consumer driven trends are the ones that can help you tweak your businesses around the constantly shifting expectations of the consumers and, as a result, win more market share.


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