While I was shopping for a pair of cat eye Le Specs sunglasses last week I noticed they were selling glasses chains. It was a lightbulb moment as connected the dots in my head and realized this granny-like accessory was starting to appear more and more on my IG feed.  The resurgence of the sunglass chain is a fact, and what could be better than an accessory for one of your favorite accessories? The thing is, glasses chains are actually really practical for the slopes or at the beach. They are also the perfect antidote to rim-peering or designer glasses put-down-panic.

Glasses had connotations of age and infirmity. It is thought that well-dressed Victorian ladies would often wear a long chain draped across their chest attached to their glasses (or lorgnettes) to avoid having them on their face, but to ensure they were close to hand. These chains were often ornate and seen more as a statement of wealth and height of fashion.

In the post war 1950s, the invention of credit and evolution of mass fashion, glittered and wing tipped face furniture was de rigour (yeah, I’m leaving to Paris next week so I’m practicing some French).  It didn’t take long for the glasses chain to make another appearance on chests of the highly groomed working woman. It seems this was the generation that kept the trend alive. In the ’80s instead they wore the bizarre shoe lace come necklace option.

Now, in 2017, the trend is booming again. I decided to give you some style inspiration as well as some shopping options I’m loving right now.

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Hanti Rose Sunlace

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Le Specs Neck Chain

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Sintillia Crystal Stone Backlace, $22. Available at Sintillia.

Lucy Folk Angler Eyewear Chain

Lucy Folk Angler Eyewear Chain, $75. Available at Lucy Folk.