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Sustainability + New Designers: “Shape The Invisible” by ZARA

Sustainable fashion has come a long way and this is the time for brands to be fashionable and environmentally friendly. The Inditex group is fully aware of this and has recently launched “Shape The Invisible” – a collaboration between Zara and new talents emerging from some of the most important design schools.

With recycling as the core concept, Zara gave the schools clothing from previous seasons for the students to create new garments adding their own design and vision. The participating schools were the best of the best: The Royal Academy of Antwerp, Parsons School in New York, EnsAD in Paris and Kingston University in London are all participating in this project.

60 students created 60 new incredible items all the fashionistas want to buy no! And, while there’s still no word on whether these pieces will be available to shop or not, I will, of course, keep you updated in case  you might be able to get your hands one of these unique Zara pieces.

As a fashion designer that is constantly researching sustainable fashion models, I can’t be more exited with this collaboration. Check out some of the pieces below to get a head start on your wish list from this major new collab.


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