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Nike Air Max 1


by Camila Straschnoy

When thinking about trend implications for RGB NOSTALGIA REBOOT SS18 trend, sportswear and athleisure were some of the ideas that came across my mind. The need for speed of the post-internet society is evident in the way we interact, we commute, we consume…basically evident in the  fast paced way we live.

The glitch looking Nike Air 1 image made me rethink about the trend concepts and relate them with the needs and drives of our society. The nostalgic aspect I refer to is reinterpreted by the new generations. The way they interact is a key point when we think about the concept of materializing the digital.

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Nike Air Max 1

The last week of June the Annka Kultys Gallery presented their groups exhibition Zero Zero by Arvida Byström, Ada Rajkovic and Molly Soda.  The topic of the exhibit is the exploration of the relation between ‘reality’ and ‘virtual space’. The works presented employ a combination of traditional materials and/or digital media to create new, imaginary landscapes. The work presented reflects how all this artists are exposed to the digital in a daily basis. This is evident from Cao Fei’s virtual cities to Ivan Liovik Ebel’s hand-painted digital structures. The the work of the 12 artists in the show critiques the ever-growing influence of the online world. The Post-Internet concept has evolved into transcend materiality.

installation view, Zero Zero at Annka Kultys Gallery, London, 2016. Courtesy: Annka Kultys Gallery. Photo: Damian Griffiths.

Kyra Schmidt is an MFA Photography student from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Since in Photography.  Her latest work Transcriptions is an exploration triggered by her interest on the enduring capacity of photography to give form to new experiences. This body of work evaluates the representation of landscape in a conceptual way by focusing on light, time, and chemical and digital interactions.  The artist is interested in the exploration of innovative way of experiencing the environment in all its possibilities.

Her “digital installations” of analogue processes bring  a fresh view to this idea of materializing the digital in an inverted manner.  She uses natural elements to produce views that are outside of our perception, only made visual through camera-less photographic recording processes.

“The digital “installations” of analogue processes serves as a way to explore views that transform the romantic vista through an increased consciousness of landscape.” (K. Schmidt)

Transcripts by Kyra Schmidt

Transcription by Kyra Schmidt

Transcriptions by Kyra Schmidt

RGB Nostalgia Reboot  is just one of the themes I have developed for Spring/Summer Trends for 2018, but it’s in itself a far too interesting topic to be dropped from the agenda. The Post-Internet a concept and the digital/tactile dynamics will both continue to be researched. C, x






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