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Malaquita Wynwood

Meaningful Consumerism and Artisan Empowerment at MALAQUITA Design

Opened in 2015, MALAQUITA DESIGN in Wynwood is the result of owners Ana Karen Cervantes and Claudia Martinez’s efforts to preserve artisan heritage by collaborating with artists and indigenous communities in Mexico. They are passionate promoters of Mexican handcrafted designs and their endless source of uniqueness. Just as Wynwood Arts District, MALAQUITA has been a supporter in promoting the creative movement in the area.

They don’t just offer a variety of beautiful items, but they are committed to expose the human side of goods and magnify the value of honest creation. In MALAQUITA they have achieved the perfect balance in which aesthetes and awakening consciences find the right object to accompany their journey.  Their sustainable chain of production fits the DETOX TREND and the TRUTHFUL CONSUMERISM TREND I’ve been talking about recently.

MALAQUITA is the Spanish name for Malachite, the magical stone of abundance and transformation. This stone has been used in Mexican jewellery for centuries for its protective powers, and represents the union bridge between heaven and earth.

It all started back in 2013 during the development of a field investigation on Mexican Communities led by the Procom Foundation. Was then when the owners of the shop realized that artisans were abandoning their offices in search of more profitable activities. Artisans are the owners of a valuable part a country’s culture and if they disappear, their knowledge and value disappears too. So Claudia Martinez and Ana Karen Cervantes decided to take action. Helping artisans became their goal.

“We are crafting a virtuous and sustainable circle of relevance for artisan work.” said the minds behind this magnificent project.

Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami

Clothes at Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami

Shelf Art at Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami

Light Fixture at Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami

Their concept is based on MEANINGFUL CONSUMPTION and artisan EMPOWERMENT, keys to today’s main ongoing consumer trends. All the materials used in the manufacturing process are purchased from Mexican producers under fair trade guidelines and a criteria of responsible use of natural resources. Their main goal is to create high quality products under a handmade process.

MALAQUITA‘s way of communicating their sustainable production process and products to their costumers is by telling the story behind them. They don’t only share the process involved, but also the mythical an magical aspect, which involves the cultural side and adds value to the product.

Shoes at Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami

MALAQUITA is an ode to Mexican’s craft and skills, simple modern jewellery by Kult sits alongside clay ceramics from Puebla. You can also find colorful throws and skilfully made clothing mixing contemporary design with traditional techniques.

Boots at Malaquita Design in Wynwood Miami


Address: 2613 NW 2nd Ave #13, Miami, FL 33127
Hours: 11AM – 7PM


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