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Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 collection was show at the Miho Museum, a stunning mountaintop venue designed by I.M. Pei, the architect behind the Louvre pyramid in Paris, where Ghesquière presented his fall collection last March.

Located in a hidden valley, the museum is revealed through a magnificent metal tunnel and a futuristic suspension bridge. This unique home to more than a thousand works of art, blends exoticism with modernity, while steeped in the most luscious forest.

“After the desert and Palm Springs, the ocean and Rio, I wanted to introduce people to another landscape, to immerse them in a sea of green” explains Nicolas Ghesquière, Artistic Director of Women’s Collections at Louis Vuitton.

Ghesquière has been traveling to Japan for two decades, and this collection reflected his deep admiration and love for the country’s culture in general. Pantsuits and architectural tunics feature designs inspired by the paintings of Kokusai. Other pieces like the jersey and leather sweaters call to mind the armor of Japanese warriors. Japanese cultural references include evening dresses gleaming with Noh theater gold, while handbags and clutches are decorated with Kabuki masks.

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