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MaryJane Claverol_Miami Local Talent_Camila Straschoy

The Leah Arts District Star

MaryJane Claverol

[grve_video video_link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl0bakaPiS8″]

Maryjane Claverol landed in Miami two years ago and her talent is bringing attention to the new and upcoming Leah Arts District in the heart of Hialeah. This Barcelona-born artist and designer is presenting a new surreal and eclectic aesthetic to the Miami scene.

The project she is presenting at her gallery/boutique started two years ago while living in India. She started buying and collecting random elements she found visually appealing at local markets. After a while, she started putting this finds together and her first pieces came to live.

This catalana designer has over 10 years of experience around the globe as an accessories designer for brands such as Zara and Burberry. When she decided to turned all this knowledge into a project of her own she had a interdisciplinary approach in which she used a variety of  techniques within the fashion and the art world.

Maryjane sells a unique accessory collection made up of a variety of sunglasses, jewelry, brooches and headpieces that will make any outfit pop. Her  creative pieces will certainly make a statement (or two?).

She sells a unique accessory collection made up of a variety of sunglasses, jewelry, brooches and headpieces that will make any outfit pop. Her pieces are creative and will certainly make a statement while you carry them.

For her art series she applies her fashion knowledge to give new life to displaced specimens she finds in markets and thrift stores (did I tell you she is a thrift store expert already?). Claverol feels for the specimens that line the walls of her gallery. An example of this is “Mrs. Zebra,” the most iconic piece on display at her space. This was a discarded taxidermied zebra head that Claverol found in an old warehouse and reclaimed by dying her hair pink. Intervening this dead animals is her way of protesting against the display of animal heads as trophies.

“Working with animals that are ugly, dead, and forgotten is my way of giving them a second life. Every type of animal deserves to have a second life, and that’s why I rescue them, the pretty and the ugly ones too.” said MaryJane Claverol.

ADDRESS: 1050 E 17th St, Hialeah, FL 33010

PHONE:(786) 202-2702

HOURS: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.




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