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Color Trend Board Klein Blue Camila Straschnoy


For over a year I have been observing and color-forecasting the comeback of the International Klein Blue. Now I can’t stop seeing the IKB popping up in interior design more and more. Today I wanted to share some examples on how Klein Blue conquers the design world in its engaging and electrifying way.

In 1957, artist Yves Klein debuted a series of paintings in Milan. Each featured the same intense, ultramarine shade, a colour he described as “a blue in itself, disengaged from all functional justification”.

International Klein Blue, as Klein called it, was created by suspending pure pigment in synthetic resin, a process he later patented, and which ensured the dye retained its brilliance on canvas. For Klein, IK Blue represented a sense of boundlessness and pure space; and he worked almost exclusively in the colour until his death in 1961.

More than 50 years later, IK Blue remains a source of inspiration for artists and designers: it makes regular appearances on the runways, as well as in packaging, furniture and interiors, and even cars.

IKB used to be a color that was mostly used in fashion and for accents in interiors, but now I see a growing tendency for a more bolder and courageous approach as more and more tone on tone stylings begin to appear.

Scroll down and get inspired!

Color Trend Board Klein Blue Camila Straschnoy

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