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Miami Designer Sunglasses Shop

High-End Designer Eyewear

I on the District

I on the District is more reminiscent of an art gallery than an optician. Irina Chovkovy opened the shop in 2008 bringing a refreshing concept store in Miami’s Design District. The store’s specialties include special-edition and handmade sunglasses from around the globe.

Miami Designer Sunglasses

Robert Laroche Sunglasses in Miami

Retrospecs store in Miami

Miami Designer Sunglasses Store

Miami Designer Sunglasses Store

Matsuda Sunglasses

The brands displayed within the crisp interiors are meticulously selected and carefully adhere to Chovkovy’s strict criteria of quality materials and craftsmanship. Her goal is to help her customers be more edgy and fun. ” When you wear a pair of glasses they have to be unique, one of a kind, and make you feel and look beautiful.” Said Chovkovy while showing me around her selection.

At I On The District you will find a collection of vintage spectacles dating back to 1930s, including frames made from wood, gold and buffalo horn. They also have the largest selection of Retrospecs & Co. in Miami, and you will find new pieces by iconic designers such as Robert La Roche, Matsuda and Jacques Marie Mage among many others of the same design and craftsmanship caliber.

Miami Designer Sunglasses Store

You will also be enamored  by their gift shop section that invites you to experience shopping in a different way. In this section you will find from jewellery to books and candles from all over the world! Among my favorites are the coffee cups by REVOLV that can also be used as a baking cup and the perfume I DARE YOU.

Private showings are available by appointment only in the boutique area for those who wish to have a more personalized experience, appreciative of the finest presentation of luxury eye wear. All frames can be customized with colored and prescription lenses.

I on the District Sunglasses

I on the District

Neighborhood: Miami Design District
Address: 51 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (305) 573-9400
Website: www.ionthedistrict.com
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11AM to 7PM


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