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Fashion Inspired Interior Design: Color Blocking

Interior design has always been informed by fashion trends and vice-versa. The trend came back to life during the SS17  runway shows and keeps going. Who are we to argue with fashion? The comeback on this occasion has almost all things the ’80s and ’90s color blocking had. Weather using complementary tonal hues or bolder color combinations that break a few design rules with a hint of a clash, it’s time to bring the block party home.

Juxtaposing contrasting colors in different blocks, shapes, and lines gives any room a brighter and more energetic appeal that’s ideal to brighten up your winter. So, if you’re in the mood to break up a room or you just want to do some subtle toning, there are lots of new ways to create shapes everywhere from the floor to the ceiling by using paint, textiles, furniture, and even décor. And let’s be honest: Just like most fashion trends, we think the second tour of color-blocking décor ideas this winter will be even chicer than its first time around a few decades back.

Strong, clean, extravagant, is what makes color blocking my new décor obsession to get your home in shape for winter.

Alcro | Issey Miyake
Bree Leech x Dulux Australia | Stella McCartney
India Mahdavi x Pierre Frey | Jinhee Moon
Zino Vatnaya | Diane von Fürstenberg
Zino Vatnaya Katya Silchenko


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