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Sweet Liberty in Miami

Fancy A Drink? Time Out Miami Bar Awards

Awards celebrate Miami’s best bars, bar designs and industry talent

Miami, 20 June 2017-  Last night I was invited by Time Out to their Bar Award Ceremony at the W Hotel. The awards are part of Time Out’s global bar program, celebrating the best bars, brilliant bartenders, most outstanding bar teams, and extravagant bar designs that define the drinks scene in eight of the world’s most influential cities. I was super disappointed when a delayed flight from Boston to Miami made me miss this amazing event (although I did some Boston tourism which ain’t bad!). But I wasn’t going to make you miss it too, so here is a night recap with some ideas for your drinking venues this weekend. Now you can decide for yourself if they are award-worthy bars, or not…

Time Out is the leading global media and entertainment brand that inspires and enables people to make the most of the city. Last night, during their annual Bar Awards celebration, they crowned Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company as Miami’s Bar of the Year. Co-owned by award-winning bartender John Lermayer, Dan Binkiewicz and restaurateur David Martinez, the Collins Park cocktail bar has been a favorite among locals since first opening in 2015.

Sweet Liberty in Miami

Employees Only, one of my favorite New York bars which finally opened in Miami, received the well deserved city’s Best New Bar award.

Employees Only in Miami

Another local bar I often recommend (and refer to as super-cool-laid-back restaurant/bar) is Lagniappe which scooped up the title of Miami’s Best Wine Bar.

Lagniappe Miami

27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami is another of my favorite venues in Miami, where you will often find me eating, drinking and chilling by the pool. They were honored with an award for their Bar Design.

27 Restaurant & Bar at Freehand Miami

The Coconut Grove institution Taurus Beer and Whisk(e)y House was awarded as the Best Single-Focus Bar. Other winner bars were: Zucca with the Most Creative Drink List award, Beachcraft was awarded as the Best Restaurant-Bar Program, and (I found this hilarious/cool and will probably check it out) the Most Instagrammable Cocktail award was for Giggle Water at Pawn Broker.

So where will you go drinking this week? Pick a bar from the list, or do some bar hopping, and decided for yourself if this venues deserved their award. I think you wont be disappointed. Happy week! Xx, C.


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