Trend Researcher / Fashion Editor / Strategist

I’m a Miami-based consumer trends researcher, strategist and fashion journalist.

I have worked in the creative industry for 8 years. In 2012 I launched my own fashion label as an expression of my identity as a designer while embracing the ideas of redefinition and change. After 3 years, I decided I wanted to explore further opportunities in the industry and worked in different areas which included editorial and PR for clients such as Mercedes-Beanz New York Fashion Week.

Living and studying around the world in cities such as London, New York, Barcelona, Miami and Buenos Aires, among others, gave me a broad view of the world and an open mind for different cultures and new experiences. While pursuing my MFA in Visual Arts, I did a master certification in Trends Investigation in Europe. Immediately after I started working as a trend spotter for TrendWatching and as an independent consultant for clients across different sectors such as L’Oréal. My ultimate goal as a trend investigator is not only to digest all the information available and identify new patterns and relevant trends but to help my clients understand which are the ones relevant and can be applied to their business.

Now I spend most of my days researching and writing for different brands and outlets. I’m a Contributor Editor at InStyle and ELLE Mexico; a columnist for Revista Apertura; and a features writer for La Pompayira.