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Sweat Records in Miami

A Local Indie Fave


Boasting Miami’s best selection of LP’s, CD’s and cassettes, this is the place to pick up your latest record, a cup of Panther coffee, an empanada and maybe a tote bag too. Sweat Records is much more than a record retailer. The Little Haiti venue is the unofficial headquarters for Miami’s indie set. And in addition to music, they sell magazines, books, gifts and other carefully curated made-in-Miami offerings for the hipster crew. Entering Sweat feels like stepping into a Nick Hornby novel.

Sweat Records Live Music

Record Light Fixture

Cami Straschnoy at Sweat Records

Situated next door to the musical institution Churchill’s Pub, Lauren Resnik’s shop is a music store that doubles as a vegan café and event space. There is always something exiting going on here! In fact, as I walked in during a regular week afternoon, I realized there was a concert going on and the shop was packed with a creative music-savvy crowd.

The exterior of the shop is as exiting as the interiors. Their walls are covered with a mural by artist CPI featuring the musical heroes you’ll hear being played inside, from Iggy Pop to Thurston Moore.

Sweat Records Miami

Sweat Records in Miami

Sweat Records


Address: 5505 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12PM- 5PM. Sundays 12PM-5PM.


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