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ART EXHIBIT: “Project Parallel Universe” by Renata Dildon

Renata Dillon is a talented Miami-based Brazilian fine art photographer. Prior to her career as an artist in the US, she spent four years working as a movie unit still photographer and another four years as a fashion photographer.

Her body of work is made up of  series that reflect different concepts from one to the other. She is in the process of graduating from her Master in Fine Arts at Miami International University of Art and Design and will be unavailing her MFA Final Exhibition titled “Project Parallel Universe”.

Project Parallel Universe

“For me, personal space is the most special and holy place a person can have. Parallel Universe is my invitation for you to get to know my own personal and private space – a place that, before it was transformed into pictures, only existed in my head and heart.

Each of us has felt overwhelmed at times, and finding a space or place where we can be alone with our thoughts becomes a deep need, a necessity. When this happens in my life, I retreat into images of a perfect sanctuary. In this series, I am sharing my refuge. I invite the viewers into my retreat, and to imagine their own.” Renata Dillon

Renata Dillon

Renata Dillon


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